Home From The Hospital

We were both very happy to get home.  The hospital was not the best place for comfort.  And it’s nice to have Niko around for loving on.

Our ice melted pretty much all day yesterday. We got home around 3PM so I spent some time de-icing the front steps so visitors would not slip and fall.  They were extremely dangerous.

Maggie is doing ok.  Today has been a tough day.  They say that day 3 is when the chemo really starts to affect the body.  She feels lethargic and general mal-ease coupled with sudden nausea.  Keeping food down has been a trick today.  I hope tomorrow brings better feelings but from my understanding it just gets worse from here.  That’s the unfortunate truth about chemo.

We need to get the scoop on one of the drugs Maggie is taking.  The co-pay for a 20 day supply was nearly $600.  That’s the drug for chemo called Xeloda.  Wow.  They said that full price was $1200.  Amazingly expensive.  $600 every 20 days is going to add up quickly!

The kitties have been taken by a good friend who is looking forward to providing foster care for a few months, if not longer.  So that’s all taken care of.

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