Not Given Chemo Today

PLEASE NOTE: We really appreciate all the kind visits and phone calls but it’s imperative that Maggie be very well rested before her next chemo treatment.  So, please, in lieu of visits and phone calls to either me or Maggie please check this web site for updates on her conditions or the latest news.  If you have comments, questions or other concerns that aren’t addressed on this web site please email me.  I will respond as time permits.  But the best way to help Maggie right now is to check this web site.  We apologize for any problems this may cause but Maggie’s health is the utmost importance and any delays in her chemo treatments are very, very bad.

Today we went for chemo but blood tests revealed that her white blood cell count was dangerously low (bordering on neutropenia).  Instead, she received two shots that should raise her white and red blood cell counts. She returns tomorrow for the same treatment and will hopefully be eligible for chemo on Saturday.

Our Current Need for Assistance: Due to the surgery, Maggie is having great difficulties riding in her new car (the ride is too rough and causes her quite a bit of pain due to being shaken about.)  We need to buy a second vehicle that will better suit our new needs ASAP.  If you know someone who can assist us with getting a good deal without playing all the games, please let us know.  We are ready to buy now.  Thank you!

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