Cel Counts are Up

Today her white blood cel count had substantially improved, equal to a typical healthy person’s immune system.  Great news!  We still went in to “The Spa” for more hydration but we are hoping that we’ll be able to get chemo Monday.

Maggie’s had no issues today with nausea today (a first in many, many days!) so either it’s just been a lucky day or her new anti-nausea med is working better than the last.  Let’s hope for the latter.

She has also eaten quite a bit today – an ego, half a bagel, some fruit, part of a piece of chicken, and some mashed potatoes.  🙂

Right now she’s sleeping after a long day of spa time and a very brief visit to her friend Lynley’s baby shower.  Tomorrow she’s looking forward to a nice relaxing facial at the Woodhouse Day Spa as a mental prep for her Monday chemo.

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