Insurance Pains

Apparently, Humana has decided that our diagnosis of cancer was suspiciously close to the effective date of our new insurance policy and has launched an audit with regards to our application.  Chris is trying not to be annoyed even though their little “investigation” is costing us plenty of time (which we have so much of right now) to dig up proof that we were honest during the application process.  Regardless, it’s hard to place too much blame.  Our current medical bills total around $120,000 since mid-December so I’m sure they don’t particularly want to pay them.  Oh, and just to be clear on how much insurance has helped us so far, not including prescriptions, they’ve paid exactly $1337.43 of the $120,000 of pending medical bills whereas we are responsible for exactly $4,128.95.  Oh, and in case that wasn’t enough for you, they’ve denied somewhere around $2,200 worth of claims while the other claims remain in limbo (presumably contingent on the results of our audit.)  I’m sorry.  Maybe I missed something.  Exactly what was medical insurance for again?

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