Pain Meds are so “Yesterday”

Headed to class and things are going well.  Today we trying an experiment with medications.  We *not* going to take our pain meds and see what happens.  We thought about not taking the nausea meds but decided that we can do that later.  🙂

In keeping true to the adage of “no news is good news” Chris hasn’t updated the site in a couple of days.  Things have actually been swinging along nicely.  We’ve had no recent gastro-intestinal events (yay!!).  Maggie’s overall general feeling is “ok” (verses “terrible” or worse like last week.)  She requires lots of rest and naps but other than that it’s all about going to class, eating, and studying.

If this morning’s weigh-in is any indication, Maggie’s weight is still dropping despite Chris’s best efforts to keep her fat and happy.  As of this morning she’s down to 109lbs.  Her muscle strength is really, really low, too.  We’ve started doing simple exercises throughout the day in hopes that it will trigger some muscle growth (and Chris secretly hopes it will make her hungry.)  Either way, we just can’t imagine that Lance Armstrong laid in bed and let his body shrink away while he was going through this.  And neither will we.

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