The Final Final Exam (from Last Q)

Maggie is taking her last final from the previous quarter right now.  It’s long – 3 hours – so she’ll definitely be ready for a nap come about 5PM.  And it’s hard.  More than one of her friends has told her that no amount of studying will help.  But what matters the most is that we hope that this is the last of the really big hurdles that she’ll have to overcome before graduation (other than the rather large elephant in the room).

The last two nights have been pretty close to miserable.  Maggie is having a great deal of difficulty sleeping for various reasons.  Then, once she finally gets to sleep her body starts to sweat – soaking wet sheets, standing-water-on-her-skin sweat.  Night before last she soaked the sheets so badly that there wasn’t any real way to dry them up.  She took over Chris’s dry spot place in bed while he took the floor.  Last night we planned ahead a little.  Chris grabbed a wad of t-shirts to line the bed.  Those were changed out throughout the night as needed.  Of course, still not much sleep.

We gained some weight yesterday!  🙂  It’s not much (a little more than 1 lb) but hey!  It’s an upward move that breaks that downward pattern we had established!  We also did some nice leg lifts and some single-leg thrusts with Katie outside the apartment.

If all goes well, tomorrow we pick up our new car finally.  🙂

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