Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Maggie is doing great still!  We are both so very pleased but cautiously optimistic.  No nausea, no flu-like symptoms, nada.  She’s had a little bit of stomach cramps but other than that she’s just trucking along great!  It’s almost mysterious and a little bit scary but we are not complaining.

Today was the 3rd anniversary of our wedding.  We didn’t have any amazing plans since we were expecting some pretty miserable health conditions that thankfully have never materialized (fingers crossed!!).  Regardless, it’s been a really great day.  But our great day was capped off with bitter taste of reality.  Just what do you say as you look into the tear-filled eyes of the beautiful, vibrant, 31-year-old woman you love after she tells you how sad she is that you’ll be celebrating the 8th anniversary alone?

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