Monthly Archives: February 2007

Class Schedule Fouled Up

Well, our “perfect plan” for this final law school quarter has been thrown askew. Maggie had specifically signed up for classes that met only on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday so that she could have Monday’s for chemo and doctor visits. For some reason Baylor has, at the very last moment, decided to move one of her classes to Monday, Wednesday, Friday thus eliminating her open Mondays and Wednesdays. She’s quite upset since this minor change puts her graduation at risk.

Monday we go to the doctor as scheduled at 8AM for her next chemo treatment. This one is going to be stronger than the last and will include a new drug called Avastin. We expect that it will take between 3 and 4 hours to complete our visit after which we’ll head back to Waco.

Hopefully we can figure out some solution to the newly created class schedule issue that will satisfy Baylor and allow Maggie to continue to receive treatment. It’s so extremely frustrating to have this issue pop up at the last minute. After three long years of hard work Maggie lacks merely 9 hours to complete her course work for her law degree from Baylor.