No Side Effects Yet (Should We Worry?)

Today was a pretty decent day.  Maggie felt ok – not great, not bad, but ok.  Chris’s mom, Nickie, was here all day to visit and help if necessary.  Fortunately, instead of a day of nursing it was a day of visiting (and some napping).  School went fine but all day there was an undercurrent of uneasiness. But we made it through all the way through to eventually celebrate Maggie’s friend’s celebration for finishing the Bar Exam.

Maggie’s lack of side effects is amazing but Chris can’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  Chris even called Nurse Mary to ask if it was reasonable to expect that Maggie had no significant chemo side-effects (she hasn’t called back yet).  He’s worried that Dr. Loukas switched our chemo drugs with Kool-Aid and candy given the lack of miserable-ness.  Maggie sees absolutely no humor in Chris’s desire to see her suffer from the chemo.  None.  There might be some marital counseling in our future.

We did cap off the day with one gastrointestinal event* that was unexpected.  It was quick and easy.

But for now, sleep.

* Maggie has asked that I clarify that “gastrointestinal event” almost always means vomiting.  It does not (or has thus far not meant) diarrhea.  Chris just thinks that “gastrointestinal event” is a much more, uhm, easy word than “vomit”.

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