Head Shaving Party

This weekend we had the quintessential Head Shaving Party, a right of passage for all cancer patients.  Pictures will be posted soon but a number of close friends attended.  Bob (Maggie’s mom’s husband), Chris and Lori (Maggie’s sister) all shaved their heads.  Bob and Chris went completely shiny bald whereas Lori made the most emotional commitment to cut her long, beautiful hair down to a mere buzz cut.  There were tears of anger and anguish cushioned by laughter and shouts of camaraderie.  Oh, and Chris, Lori’s SO shaved his goatee.  J  It was a wonderful and emotional event for everyone who attended.  And my wonderful wife looks stunningly beautiful with a nice bald head.

Monday was also, of course, Chemo Day.  It went fine.  We get filled up with lots of fluids and poisons and left with the famous $6,900 shot of Neulasta for Chris to administer Tuesday evening.  The shot went fine other than Chris’ whimpering and wining about wasting $2,000 worth of medicine (Neulasta comes prepackaged in 6 mg containers but because of Maggie’s weight she can only be administered 4 mgs.  The rest is carefully squirted into a napkin which Chris then eats [Note to Jolie: I’m just kidding!])

More interesting news: We received an email from MD Anderson that alluded that they may be interested in seeing Maggie.  We hope to have more information on that soon.

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