Week In Waco Just Fine (w/o Chris)

Maggie made it through her week in Waco sans Chris just fine.  Chris did fine, too, although he sure missed Maggie.  Thankfully it was a short week.  Monday is back to the doctor.  This will be Maggie’s first doctor visit without Chris.  He’s got a #$@% dentist appointment at the same time so he’ll be meeting up with her at The Spa while she’s getting her chemo.

One fun logistic issue has come up since Chris isn’t going back to Waco with Maggie.  Since she’s getting her CPT-11 she also will need her Neulasta shot on Tuesday, the $6,900 shot that Chris has gotten so good at delivering.  It’s to be administered roughly 24 hours after she gets the CPT-11 which puts it after Tuesday lunch time or so.  Someone else will get the lucky (and extremely important) honor to administer the shot – someone like Maggie’s unsuspecting roommate, Martha.  Don’t worry, Martha.  It’s just a small shot that Maggie’s life depends on you getting right that costs $6,900.  No pressure.  J

MD Anderson wants copies of her latest CTs which show the tumors’ new and improved smaller size.  Chris will be sending those this week but he doesn’t expect any quick invitation to come visit.  We think that we’ve got a ways to go still before they’ll consider us for that liver resection.

Chris and Maggie also met with Acton, the business school that Chris plans to attend starting this Fall, to let them know about the cancer.  They were very considerate and understanding, of course.  Chris explained that there might be a day or even a few days that he needs to focus on his #1 Top Priority which might necessitate missing class.  They understood and were very clear that they will support us both in whatever ways they can.  The meeting really cooled Chris’ fears that somehow the “Chris and Maggie’s Fun with Cancer” experience would include him missing out on his dream of acquiring his MBA from Acton.  Chris is very excited.

On that same note, Chris has been strongly cautioned by friends in “the know” that the Acton program will demand ALL of his time, likely barring him from any support for Maggie whatsoever during the program.  Such warnings have definitely given him pause.  Nine months of mental (and physical) absence is tough on a marriage, notwithstanding the cancer.  This has been Chris’ dream for a number of years yet he wonders if the relationship sacrifices are worth it.

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