Last Day of Class

Today was the LAST DAY of Baylor Law School!  Yay!!!

Maggie finally posted up pictures of the head-shaving party we had back a few weeks ago.  Check them out.  It’s amazing how much better she looks now than she did then.  Every day brings more improvement.

Maggie is back in Waco.  She called Chris this morning at 8:45AM to tell him that she was not going to forget to take her pills. (She’s forgotten a few times, mostly in the evening so Chris has been a little… uh… more attentive.)

Monday was Avastin Day at The Spa.  That meant quick a turnaround – we were in and out in about 1.5 hours with minimal discomfort.  Our discomfort was mostly mental.  For some reason there were an unusually large number of visibly ill people in The Spa getting treatment with us.  The guy beside us was being treated for bone cancer in his jaw that he developed after his previous treatment for tongue cancer.  Chris watched the lady behind Maggie as the poor nurses rooted around in her arms trying to find viable veins for the chemo needle.  It took 3 sticks in one arm and 2 in the other – miserable.  Another guy just a few seats away had severe bladder cancer.  And numerous others were in obvious bad shape.

The friendly lady accompanying the gentleman beside us commented that they had been taking chemo for a long time but that they were almost finished.  Maggie, always curious, asked “when did you start?”  “Early February.  When did you start?” came her reply.  Maggie then explained that we started slightly little before then and had no “end of chemo” in sight.  “Well, bless your heart, “ says the nice lady lacking something more comforting to offer.

Last week all went off pretty good.  It turned out to be a short week in school because Maggie really got worn out Thursday.  As a part of her internship, she visited a prison near Waco.  It was quite an educational and enjoyable experience but the whole day spent walking really wore her down physically.  She’s also been having more nausea than she has had recently.  No gastro-intestinal events vomiting,* however, just basic yuck and nausea.  Of course, that just beats a person down, too.

* Maggie has asked that the phrase “gastro-intestinal event” not be used.  It seemed such a nice, PC way to describe things.  She thinks it sounds worse that “vomit.”  Chris, however, finds that particular “v” word pretty harsh but he’ll do anything to please his #1 girl!  So he’s searching for other suitable phrases like puke, barf, boot, regurgitate, hurl, blow chunks, ralf, spew, heave, toss the salad, chunk, pray to the porcelain god, Kohler cough, call Ralph on the big white phone, the Technicolor yawn, toss cookies, up-chuck, retch, driving the porcelain bus.  Maybe one or more of those will suffice.

Saturday afternoon we got some nice outside time with our friends Jason and Denise at an outside art show.  We didn’t stay very long due both to the cold wind and because Maggie was tired but the sunlight was good for both of us.

MD Anderson called to let us know that they received her scans that we sent along with the picture of Maggie.  She said that the surgeons would examine the scans and report back to us in 4 to 5 days.

Right now, two main things really keep Maggie’s attention: graduation and the graduation party.  She’s really excited about both.

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