Bleeding Gums and Abdominal Pains

Well, a couple of interesting things have started to happen.  We’ve become comfortable that these things are not bad but that doesn’t stop the thought of them from giving a cold chill.  Maggie has twice now had her mouth fill suddenly fill with blood.  It’s quite spontaneous and not subtle but it stops just as quickly as it starts and doesn’t hurt.  We haven’t been able to tie it to any source or real location but we suspect it’s from her gums.  Along with that, Maggie has developed a nagging stomach/abdominal pain.  She says it’s a lot like a pulled muscle pain.  It’s not crippling but it’s certainly distinct.  Dr. Loukas told her today that the stomach pain is probably from the liver bleeding into the cavities left by the receding tumors.  Of course, it’s all speculation without a scan but he didn’t seem to concerned about it.  He did state that if Maggie had another bleeding episode that she would need to get her blood counts tested, just to make sure everything is okey dokey.  Chris, with all his medical research, that Avastin is known to cause both bleeding gums and cause tumors to bleed as they shrink.  But, for all the bleeding, we also have faith that the Avastin is helping her heal.

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