Typical Chemo Week

Happily, not too much to report today.  Maggie’s pretty run down, as would be expected on weeks she gets the CPT-11.  She went back to The Spa to get her Neulasta shot this time so Chris didn’t have to administer it. (Hurray!)  She’s feeling “blah” today (her word, not Chris’s.)

We’ve went on a vigorous walk this morning, like yesterday.  We aren’t trying to win any marathons but it was enough to get Maggie a little bit winded.  Chris verified with Dr. Loukas on the last visit that she wouldn’t damage herself with respects to the cancer from exercise or exhaustion.  He, of course, warned that the standard cautions apply when starting a new exercise program but other than that, he said to go crazy.  He did remind us to expect slow going since Maggie is basically starting from scratch, muscle-wise.  Pictures back from back in February easily remind us of that.  But she’s got her girlish figure back and is ready to go!

MD Anderson is definitely a go.  They have X-Rays, CT scans, and other blood tests scheduled for May 15th.

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