Insurance Finally Pays Out!

Maggie is doing great.  She has continued to gain strength and stamina as the days pass by.  She’s gotten quite adapt at “painting” on eyebrows and she really seems comfortable with or without her hat (in some situations.)  And her energy levels are getting much more consistent although afternoon naps are still the norm.  But hey, afternoon naps, if given the option, have always been the norm so no real change there!

Insurance has maybe finally paid our claims and cleared out this silly investigation.  Yes, believe it or not, that issue still persists.  Humana has been auditing our application to see if we lied about having cancer on our insurance application.  As a result they have held up paying quite a few of the medical claims.  We’re now getting collections phone calls nearly daily and an occasional collections letter.  We’ve explained to the unsympathetic, minimal wage-earning caller the situation and they respond with the same rhetoric “how will you be paying today?”  Amazing.  Nearly 50% of personal bankruptcies are medical related.  Of which, about 10% are cancer-related.  I can see why, especially when the insurance just flat refuses to pay because of all these games.

Chris is getting anxious about the MD Anderson visit.  They want a lot of paperwork.  Hopefully it will be a fruitful visit.  At least we’ll get a lot of reading done.

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