Party Party Recovery (a.k.a. Wow, the House is a Real Mess!)

Today has been a lazy day recovering from the graduation party and preparing for our MD Anderson visit on Tuesday.  Maggie, as is typical lately, is doing great (actually better than Chris today due to something about “hydration” and “imbibing” last night).  She was on full steam last night.  The old hard-driving Maggie was back!  J  Honestly, and it’s been said before, if it wasn’t for the lack of hair you wouldn’t know anything was wrong.  Actually, if it weren’t for the CT scans Chris would think she’s just faking it for the attention.  In fact, he’s just going to start telling people that.  Yup, she’s a faker.  You read it here first.

The MD Anderson visit will be interesting.  We aren’t exactly sure what to expect other than what we have as our itinerary.  We will have a doctor’s visit followed MUCH later (4 hours!!) by a CT scan and X-Ray of her chest, abdomen and pelvis.  They are also planning blood and “specimen” collection (“specimen” collection – are we hunting frogs or something?)  They told us to plan on staying for up to 7 days so who knows what will actually happen.  A friend of Chris’s made an insightful comment that if we were to stay for a full 7 days that would be a good thing – they probably found something they could dig into vs. just dismiss as a simple and, for lack of a better word, conclusive.  Regardless, we do expect to find some comfort in information we expect from our visit.  Either it will confirm what we already know or it will introduce us to new options.  Either direction is positive.  Chris is anxious to see the results of her new scans, too, to celebrate more reductions in tumor size!  Maggie has been having some odd abdominal pains that we can hopefully examine more closely while there – the basic game of “Threat or Not.”

Chris has been asked for updates while at MD Anderson from many people.  As news comes in he’ll post on this site.  However, be aware that he doesn’t expect much news – especially on Day One of the MD Anderson Great Adventure.  Everyone sing now!  “We’re… off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz”

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