@MD Anderson Waiting to See Dr. Eng

Well, we’ve made it to MD Anderson!  We got checked in and got to meet the two wonderful ladies who have helped us get to this point, Kim Rogers and Phyllis Arnold.  It was so nice to finally put a face to the names.  And they were both super sweet ladies.  Chris took pictures.  J

We’re currently sitting in the examination room waiting for Dr. Eng.  She’s apparently quite a fire cracker so she and Maggie should get along just great.  One of the ladies up at the front desk told us that Dr. Eng is her favorite doctor here.  Let’s hope that popularity equates to technical prowess.  It usually does.

One thing is for sure – MD Anderson is a BIG place!  There’re quite a few really BIG buildings with fancy elevated walkways between buildings.  The campus easily takes up 2 or more full blocks and there’re people everywhere.  As a telling example, in the front where we dropped off the car there was a whole row of freshly-released folks sitting in wheel chairs waiting to be picked up (not the usual 2 or 3 that you expect to see.)  There’s a whole lot of hurtin’ and healin’ going on here.  We hope to direct some of that healin’ toward Maggie.

The trip up was uneventful.  Chris is still thanking the Powers That Be for GPS navigation although it probably didn’t choose the most direct route.  We did get to see some of the more… uhm… unique streets in this part of Houston.  But hey, the important thing is that we found a nail place for Maggie so she could get a quick manicure.  And some fried chicken for Chris.  All is good in the universe.

We’ve had numerous folks ask us to call them with updates.  Although we’d love to call everyone personally we’d instead ask that everyone check this web site throughout the day.  Chris will update it as time permits.  Thanks for understanding.

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