Back from MD Anderson

We are back from MD Anderson.  Sorry for the delay in posting the events.  We were very tired from the anxiety and, distracted by the HUGE fire outside the window, forgot to update the web site before we left.  (More on the fire later.)

Briefly, we didn’t really get any new news – nothing bad, nothing good.  Dr. Eng showed us Maggie’s tumors from the CT scans from Tuesday.  She said they are very, very large, numerous and bilobar (meaning in both lobes of the liver, which complicates things.)  She did say that she will present her case to a surgeon but believed that the chances of them offering liver resection were minimal, if not nil.  This not definitely not our preference but it may well be the reality we have to live with.

The good news from the visit is this:

  • No new visible tumors
  • We have now visited the MD Anderson wizards so the seed of doubt of “could we have done more” is basically resolved
  • Maggie’s tumors are still shrinking
  • Maggie’s cancer marker has decreased substantially to 1.2 (we don’t know what this means, really)
  • We met Florencia’s parents who are wonderful

The not-so-good news:

  • Maggie’s tumors are still damn big and still dominate her liver
  • Maggie’s window of opportunity for a resection may close quickly due to scaring of the liver from her extended chemo regimen
  • There are a couple of suspicious spots on Maggie’s lungs that need to be watched

I will post more information in the morning after a good night’s rest.  It’s been a long few days and we are both pretty tired.  We are also both happy.

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