Steady as She Goes

In addition to the news already posted about Monday, the CPT-11 infusion was uneventful, as we’ve grown accustom to.  In fact, it’s such a “non-event” now that Chris even left Maggie to take care of some other things.  Of course, he did leave Maggie in the quite capable hands of her two visitors, Nurse Jolie and Sister Lori, who Chris gave careful instructions for care (“don’t let her stand up too fast” “make sure you get the dosage of CPT-11”)  The one instruction he forgot though was to make sure and pick up the take-home pack for the Neulasta shot for Tuesday.  Heh, Chris got to make another trip up to The Spa at around 4:30 to pick that up.  😉

The rest of Monday was spent resting.  As is typical, Maggie felt “icky.”  But we made it through just fine.  Tuesday morning Maggie left for Waco and, in keeping with the recent pattern we’ve established, forgot her Neulasta shot.  J  Fortunately, she hadn’t gone too far before Chris called in a slight panic.  As a reward for remembering so quickly, Maggie brought Chris a fountain Dr. Pepper, his favorite morning treat.

Maggie’s Bar/Bri prep course starts at 2:30PM every day and is pretty boring.  Basically, there’s homework (yes, homework – didn’t she graduate???)  And there’s a big screen TV in front of the class that plays the recorded lecture assigned for that day.  So, in case you missed it, Maggie is going to a room to watch TV recording of someone lecturing her on law.  And we paid about $2,800 or so for the privilege.  Lame.

The delivery of the Neulasta shot apparently went so smoothly that Chris wasn’t even called, consulted or confirmed with.  He’s feeling a little left out of the loop.  L  The roommate Martha, whose medical career highlights include once giving a shot to a dog, administered the shot.  It’s kind of sad that this chemo stuff is so “old hat” that things like giving a $6,900 life-saving shot to Maggie (after carefully blowing about $2,000 worth into a napkin) has become oh so trite.  With Maggie on her 7th full round of chemo, we are seasoned pros now.  We’ll make sure at put that on our resumes.

If this week is typical then it will be a little rough around the edges but not horrible.  Maggie will need plenty of bed-rest time sprinkled with warm baths. Come Sunday she’ll be back to nearly full strength.  This is the cycle we’ve grown accustom to.

Chris has also been corresponding a little with the husband of Karen, a girl Maggie’s age who, like Maggie, has was recently diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer.  Comfort in numbers. But it’s tough

In other news, sometime today (or it might have been yesterday) the Texas Senate is voting on a bill to that will inject $3 billion to Texas in an effort to find a cure for cancer.  You can read more about it here at

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