Disappearing Abdominal Pains

Maggie has been doing just fine these last few days.  Gotta love that!  Chris is doing fine, too, thanks for asking.  We are still waiting on news about the PET scan.  They are trying to get it cleared with our insurance which, no doubt, is a real challenge.  We suspect that because we got a CT scan at MD Anderson the insurance company is loathe to authorize another scan of any type so soon.  Chris is pretty anxious to see that scan, though.

Last night Maggie said that her mysterious abdominal pain had been happily absent these last few days.  We suspect it’s because she’s been so sedentary while she’s highly focused on studying for the up-coming bar exam.  We’d, of course, prefer that the pain has disappeared because the underlying problem has disappeared.  Yup.  J

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