Home for Good

The move is done.  Friday morning, despite the haziness, we got all Maggie’s stuff packed up and into the trailer.  And by “we” I mean mostly the movers.  Maggie wasn’t feeling too hot so she spent quality time with the couch while Martha watched the last bit of TV before it was packed away.  I helped the best I could but, honestly, the movers were the real heroes.  They had us packed and ready to hit the road in about three hours.

So I hit the road in the loaded up jeep towing the completely packed full trailer.  It was an uneventful trip back, as trips on I35 go.  Slow, yes.  I crept along at the break-neck speed of 45 miles per hour while traffic whizzed by.  It rained on and off, sometimes pretty hard but otherwise it was no big deal.

Maggie visited a spa before she left Waco, a thoughtful gift from Dustin, Martha’s S. O.

We capped off the long, long day with supper with Denise and Jason at 3 Forks for a wonderful meal with wonderful company.  But the bed sure felt good when we crawled into it.  Me, Maggie and puppy make three.  :  It sure is nice to have my baby back home.

Yesterday Maggie and Lori unpacked the trailer pretty much by themselves.  (No, I wasn’t being a jerk, although I kind of felt like one.  My school work is becoming more and more urgent.)  I heard assorted bangs and crashes sprinkled with an occasional expletive.  I tried really hard to just stay in my office and study.  Of the two times I came, the first I was put to work lifting heavy things and the second I offered unsolicited and apparently unappreciated guidance on how to avoid knocking the paint off the wall yet again.  But they muscled through it and then took the trailer back to U-Haul.  Yup, Maggie towing a trailer.  I was scared, too.

Last night was yet more revelry, this time for Amy’s birthday – Cedar Street with a great live band playing.  It was great to see lots of folks I hadn’t seen in a while but the real sparkle of the evening was watching Maggie just dance and dance and dance.  It’s amazing how energetic and full of life she is.  It’s been so long I’d forgotten.  These two weeks off chemo have put the shine back in her eyes, the twinkle in her step and the smart back in her mouth.  I was smiling all night just watching her glow.

It’s just heartbreaking that tomorrow we head to The Spa for the treatment that’s going to just suck that life right back out of her.  It’s really tough to keep my head up when I know what’s coming.

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