Getting Better

Yesterday was notably better.  I’m pretty certain the puppy snuggles helped.  There was still lots of laying around but it was definitely an improvement.  Maggie tends to forget and springs up ready to go.  Then the body says “no, no, no!” and back down she goes.

We completely forgot to administer the Neulasta shot yesterday.  I remembered it somewhere around 3:00AM and I almost woke Maggie up but I figured how much of a difference can 6 hours make.  Besides, she was sleeping peacefully and I was loath to interrupt that.  Good sleep on chemo weeks is a rarity.  But nearly first thing this morning we remedied the problem with one quick stomach stick of the needle and done!  Nurse Jolie has taught us that the stomach is a little better than where I was previously giving to her – more fatty tissue and less nerve endings.  And no, I’m not making any kind of fat joke about Maggie.  Grab your own stomach there, Buddy, and see what you find!  It’s just the way us humans are made.  🙂

She’s off to run some errands and then back to study for her MPRE exam coming up next Friday.  Yes, one more exam.  It’s like they never end!  But Maggie says this one is an order of magnitude easier.  Thank goodness!  And after her exam, she leaves for Greece with three friends from law school.  She’s pretty excited about that.  I, being the more pragmatic (or as Maggie likes to label me, the more pessimistic) of us, am not quite as excited.  But it’s going to be a great trip, I’m certain.

3 thoughts on “Getting Better

  1. Chris, Thank You. I have always been very fond of Maggie. As you know, she is beyond wonderful and you are a lucky man. Although I have the same last name – that’s all I got in common with John’s university.. My buddy Brent said that he spoke with you and relayed his connection. I hope for the best.
    Take care and I’ll continue to monitor your website. I have an uncle who recently died of colon cancer. The doctor I saw in Kosovo where I was stationed wanted to do a colonoscopy but I turned it down – mostly because I was in Kosovo and on a mission.  I think I’ll look into it now.  I appreciate that your efforts here raise awareness as well as honor your wife. Again, thank you. Mark

  2. Oh wow,, man o man.. I forgot to realize that what I wrote would appear on this page like that. Intended a quick note to Chris. Wasn’t thinking. I probably wouldn’t have written some, if I’d been more conscious of global veiwability. Apologies. It’s a good thing I didn’t use my real name (did that work?)..

  3. Mark, I really appreciate your comments. It’s another reminder to everyone about the importance of a colonoscopy. I had mine in March … the first one I’ve ever had, and I’m almost 60. And thanks for your service in Kosovo!

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