Doing Great, Out Tomorrow, Off to Greece!

Executive Summary: Maggie is doing MUCH better and we are getting out tomorrow morning.  And the trip is on!  Maggie’s very happy.  🙂

And now, for the rest of the story:
Dr. Loukas brought good news this morning.  Maggie’s counts are up substantially and he’s planning on sending her home tomorrow, just in time for her to pack and leave for Greece.

Yesterday was a much better day.  Maggie started out with a slight fever but that dropped quickly with some Tylenol and never came back up.  Around lunch she was just chatting up a storm like everything was dandy.  And we didn’t have any of those pesky soak-through-the-sheets sleeps either, which is a nice change.  I suspect we’ve turned the corner and are well into the recovery now.  And Dr. Loukas agrees.

And the trip to Greece is on!  I know there’s been a whole lot of dissension on this but it’s going to happen.  To let this little hiccup prevent her from going would be quite demoralizing and I truly believe it’s safe.  And so does Dr. Loukas (I’m so glad that he agrees with me so much.)  At first glance it seems reckless but if you think about it things become a little less scary.  Let me explain.  This week Maggie has been receiving daily shots of Neupogin that are causing her white blood cell machine (a.k.a. bone marrow) to crank into high gear.  It should be just churning out white blood cells by the millions (and her blood tests prove that this is happening – today’s count: 4,500.)  When she leaves the hospital she will be better armed to fight off infections than most of us.  Dr. Loukas thinks her count may even hit 12,000 (normal is around 5,000.)

This trip to the hospital, although scary, does not indicate that Maggie is weak or somehow frail.  She’s honestly just fine.  It’s just a minor little temporary trip-up.  This episode of “Chris and Maggie Go To Hospital Camp” was brought to you by neutropenia, which was a direct result of her chemo treatments on last Monday.  Those super toxic, not fun-for-the-whole-family chemicals roto-rooted Maggie’s bone marrow and killed off her blood cells leaving her temporarily defenseless against any little infection that might saunter by.  But that’s all getting fixed up.  Dr. Loukas is actually being overly aggressive because he knows she’s leaving the country.  When we get out of the hospital she’ll be full of defenses and in much better shape to take on the world, even if it’s Greek.

Dr. Loukas is also giving her some “emergency” antibiotics to control any diarrhea that might occur, be it traveler’s diarrhea which is typically e-coli-based, or be it as a result of all the antibiotics being pumped into Maggie, called “c-diff.”  And he gave her a minor lecture about taking care of herself while traveling, including be quick to head for medical assistance should she get either a fever or diarrhea that doesn’t go away quickly.

He’s a little concerned that her red blood count is low (it takes a while to bring those critters back up) so he’s going to give her Arenesp, the better blood builder, tomorrow.

So, she’s definitely missing the MPRE exam tomorrow but given the choice, she’d rather miss that than her trip.  And it’s all going to be just fine.  Actually, it’s going to be better than fine – it’s going to be GREAT!

15 thoughts on “Doing Great, Out Tomorrow, Off to Greece!

  1. Maggie,

    I’m sorry to hear that you are in the hospital, but I’m happy to hear that you are getting out soon and heading off to GREECE!!!! Please know that I miss you and am praying for you and your family always!!! Go and enjoy yourself, oh and Chris too!
    Love, Meredith

  2. Never doubted it for a minute. WHATA GAL! Have a wonderful time in Greece, bring pictures. So very happy for you. Chris, looking forward to seeing you. Love you both so very much. Meme

  3. Whew! So glad to know that Maggie’s getting back to “normal” rapidly! I’m still mad at those MPRE folks, though! The nerve of them ….. grrrrr!

    Have a fabulous vacation in Greece, Maggie! Chris, I’m hoping to see you next week.

    Love you, love you, love you!

  4. Well done. Too bad you’re missing the MPRE. This is my second time. I hope it’s as thrilling as the first.

  5. If you had just asked, I’d have been happy to order those MPRE folks to bring her the exam. Oh well, enjoy Greece!!

  6. Been to Greece and lived on Corfu in an open hut on the beach–it’s nice, but mostly eating fish and fruit, so
    be very, very careful re:cleanliness.

  7. Yay Maggie! Now if you could pull off another miracle and put me in your suitcase and take me with y’all to Greece I’d be oh so happy! You amaze me. So glad you are feeling better! The MPRE isn’t that important anyway. I mean, part of being a good lawyer is being professionally IRresponsible, right? Y’all have a blast!

  8. Chris: Please ignore this message:

    Maggie: the men in Greece are GOOD LOOKIN! Hope you’re taking some single girlfriends with you!


  9. Maggie: the men in Greece do not take regular showers, they’re europeans after all. And no, – they do not look like guys who started the tradition of Olympics.

    Chris: you owe me big.

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