We’re (Almost) Headed Home

Dr. Loukas came by and gave us our walking papers.  He also gave us a little lecture again on taking care to be mindful of the diarrhea.  We’re going to stop by The Spa to get a quick Arenesp shot to quickly increase her red blood cell count because it’s still pretty low.  Typically, it takes a number of weeks to naturally increase those numbers but, again, with the miracle of modern medicine (and one shot in the arm) we can make it jump in about a week.

Right now we are waiting on Nurse Jessica to come disconnect Maggie.  Picture this – a bald, bright-eyed girl standing in a dingy hospital gown, leaning towards the door, shoulder down, teeth bared and a snarl on her lips, while pullllllllling on her IV cord saying “let’s go!!”

5 thoughts on “We’re (Almost) Headed Home

  1. Free at last, Free at last. Hooray, you’re free at last. Look out Greece–Maggie is coming. Have a wonderful time. Much love, meme

  2. Hope you’re already on your way! Have a wonderful time! Take care of yourself! Come back relaxed and tan!

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