Gone To Greece

After a hair-raising week of “oh no!” she’s off on a big jet airliner. She’s flying to Greece as I type. Last night ex-roommate Martha blew in like a gale (our beloved Martha is more like a dust devil and less like a cool spring breeze.) Those two then proceeded to scurry about in what appeared to be a semi-panic state but, likely, was organized chaos that a guy would never, could never understand. For hours they compared, contemplated, complained, and cackled. And, as time permitted, Maggie packed. I just stayed mostly out of the way, occasionally asking silly questions like “did you pack your passport?” We stayed up way too late and woke up way too early. To make matters worse, Maggie said she didn’t sleep well last night (a frequent side-effect from chemo or pending trips to Greece.) I’ll bet she’s sleeping on the plane!

We stopped by our good friends Angelos and Esther’s house to pick up an international phone, one of the key items in helping me keep sane during this trip (Thank you, Angelos and Esther!!!) I’d give out the number but I fear the phone bill. 😉 I will offer up the itinerary as a sacrifice instead:

  • August 12: Arrive at Athens at 10:20AM Athen’s time (a very groggy 3:20AM Austin time.) They will be staying at the creatively-named Central Athens Hotel
  • August 14: Head to the island of Ios, checking in to the Dionysos Hotel
  • August 17: Ferry to the unbelievably beautiful island of Santorini and staying at the hotel (again, creatively named) Volcano View
  • August 20: Back to Athens and the Central Athens Hotel
  • August 22: Flight back to Austin and checking in to the Hotel Weaver (that’s French for “pretty cool place with great host”… you have to purse your lips when you say it…. “o tel wee vwur”)

Man, oh, man. I remember what seems a lifetime ago Maggie and I talking about taking a post-law school trip (our discussions back then were, if I recall, about an “our” trip instead of a “her” trip… grumble.) The rollercoaster ride since then has been breathtaking. More than a few intense days this year (some this week!) called into question the trip’s viability. I’m so absolutely happy that she’s able to make this trip that it’s almost spiritual in its fulfillment; I’ve never been happier to see my wife leave. But all of that pales in comparison to the happiness I’ll feel when I give her that I-really-really-missed-you hug on August 22.

4 thoughts on “Gone To Greece

  1. Oh, happy day. She made it. How great. And what a wonderful trip. Now you can plan one for the two of you when you get out of school. See you soon.

  2. BTW … for those of you reminded of the Steve Miller Band and the Vietnam-era culture, that’s “big ole jet aero-liner.”

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