Traipsing Around Athens

Martha, Katy and Maggie have been wandering around Athens since they arrived.  Their hotel is beautiful but the room is pretty small.  And things are going great.  They’ve sampled Greek wine, eaten gyros and other various Greek-requisite items and are just having a grand ol’ time.  Today they enjoyed a nice walking tour around various attractions.  And apparently it’s hot so they bought matching big floppy hats.  How quaint.

Tomorrow they are off to Ios at 6AM where they’ll spend the next few days together exploring.

Health-wise, Maggie says she’s feeling just fine. 🙂  They don’t have internet access currently so that phone that the Angelou’s lent us is our only connection.  I’m looking forward to that bill.

5 thoughts on “Traipsing Around Athens

  1. 8/13/07

    Hi,Maggie! Hope you (and Chris?) are enjoyning your wonderful vacation, and just forget the ugly cancer for awhile!! Sounds like Athens, Greece is an exotic experience.

    Back in the Bay Area, things are just foggy and cool, with some sun in and out!

    Aunt Pat Valente
    Daly City, CA

  2. Ah Greece! The warm sun and sparkling waters! The 1.0 G’s of gravity. That very Greek way people laugh with their mouths open and smiling. The charm. The beauty. The intrigue. The robes. Say hi to my old buddies Pan and Dionysus! And if you run into Apollo, tell him I want my Flaming Lips CD back. His son, Asclepius, by the way, is one of those “mumbo jumbo” type healers, but I hear he gets results.

  3. I know Maggie is having a fabulous time. The hospital visit is already a distant memory. Greece needs to stand back and take a lesson in character. My girls are strong women. All my love!


  4. So glad to hear that you girls are having fun! We need to all get together when you get back in town. I want to see the pictures 🙂

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