Maggie Is Home

Maggie and Martha flew in last night, or rather, early this morning at around 12:30AM after a very long delay in Newark that almost postponed their return to Austin until today (well… later today.)  But they are here, happy, and seemingly well adjusted back to Texas time.

Maggie has tons of tales of their mischief in Greece.  Among the tales, there was a broken down car, naked men in a hot tub, smoke-filled ferries, and tasty food.

The rest of this week is filled with friends, food, and getting me ready for Boot Camp, my first BIG step on the long Acton Journey.  Monday, which is when Maggie goes back to The Spa for her next chemo after this long break, I head to class at 7:30AM and don’t return until 11:30PM.  She’ll have to manage without me for the first time.  Hey, what’s one more complication on this Great Cancer Adventure?

6 thoughts on “Maggie Is Home

  1. Welcome home, Maggie! Can’t wait to hear your stories!

    Now it’s your turn for school, Chris. Go get ’em, son!

    Love you both –

  2. Just got my computer hooked back up–all by myself, I might add. Glad to hear you are home and had a great time. Can’t wait to hear stories of your great adventure. Hope this week has gone well. Love you all. Meme

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