Monthly Archives: September 2007

Slight Correction – Good Stuff

So apparently I’ve misunderstood.  Somewhere between studing and going to class I missed a key bit of information.  Maggie’s CEA of 3.7 is the “down” number (the number I thought we were waiting on!)  It was 4.8 last time.  So, we are definitely on for CPT-11 on Wednesday.  Oxaliplatin is off the table, for now.  Good stuff.  🙂

Unexpected Curve Ball

No treatment today at The Spa.  Yeah, surprised us, too!  Maggie’s CEA has dropped!  Down to 3.7.  What the heck?  It’s up, it’s down…  no logic, it seems to follow but Dr. Loukas wants to re-test on Wednesday and if it’s up, change to the new chemo, but if it’s down or the same, stick with the old chemo.  So, treatment Wednesday one way or another. Happily, we’ve got yet another unexpected and good situation.  Let me explain…. Continue reading Unexpected Curve Ball

More Details from The Wizard’s Visit

Dr. Curly seemed to be pretty positive about the potential future possibility of maybe having a chance at thinking about performing a potentially curative operating procedure called a liver resection.  That’s such great news.  We’ve been told for so long that because Maggie’s liver was so consumed with tumors and because of where these tumors were that she’d never have this option. Continue reading More Details from The Wizard’s Visit

The Wizard Gives Us Hope

(I’ve got to be brief but will expand on this later today with more details.)

Maggie’s liver, while still filled with tumors, is in great shape and very healthy.  The doctor said that while she’s definitely not eligible right now for surgery to remove the tumors, with chemo continuing through January, she very well may be eligible.  This is fantastic news.  We have moved from the “no surgery ever” category to the “maybe surgery in January” category – a HUGE improvement!  And with the surgery we move from “no chance to survive” to “a very real but small chance for a cure.”  Wow!  So, she and I are quite happy right now just to be back in the game.