Yet Another Barium-Flavored CT Scan

Today’s visit with MD Anderson’s CT machine went as unpleasant as the last. I’m certain that if the machine were alive it would recognize Maggie now and insist that other options for scanning be considered.  Just like last time, as forcefully as the special dye was shoved into her vein the barium milkshake was forced from her stomach – all of it. And all over the machine and Maggie.  The same scene keeps playing out for every CT scan.  Frustrating that we can’t seem to communicate to the tech that we really do know what’s about to happen. And that they had better either change the process or at least be prepared.

Tomorrow is the big day, the day that she talks to the Grand Wizard, Dr. Curley.  Jolie and Lisa will be joining her to make sure all the questions are asked (and answered) and the answers brought carefully back to me, in triplicate.  If this were a movie, we are at that magical point in the story when the plot changes from hopeless to hopeful, headed toward that happy ending, when that march to happily ever after would start again after a few miraculous surgeries.  Come on, happy ending!

7 thoughts on “Yet Another Barium-Flavored CT Scan

  1. My husband, Tony, worked with Maggie at Scient in Austin (he was “on fired” too!) I am not sure how he came accross your page, but he told me what has been going on with you guys. We are both praying for you both and really hope you get that Happy Ending!!!
    Angela and Tony Bernard

  2. Hoping, praying, doing what I can to influence a Happy Ending. Wish I could do more. Good wishes and thinking positively. Love

  3. Hi – I don’t know you, but I happened upon your blog while looking for information on contrast medium/barium the other day. I actually found several links to studies in which radiologists have used whole milk in lieu of the terrible barium “smoothie,” with great success. I am being treated at the University of Minnesota and had a successful whole milk CT scan this morning – a great relief, since I can’t tolerate the disgusting milkshake, either! I’ll paste some links below for you, in case you want to ask your doctor about the far less traumatic milk option. Best wishes to you for a full recovery.

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