Slight Correction – Good Stuff

So apparently I’ve misunderstood.  Somewhere between studing and going to class I missed a key bit of information.  Maggie’s CEA of 3.7 is the “down” number (the number I thought we were waiting on!)  It was 4.8 last time.  So, we are definitely on for CPT-11 on Wednesday.  Oxaliplatin is off the table, for now.  Good stuff.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Slight Correction – Good Stuff

  1. Checking up on y’all – Awesome! Here’s to continued process. Prayin…

    PS – site looks a whole lot better than last time I visited – kudos to whoever set the wordpress up!

  2. We’re all so happy that you’ve had good news to keep reporting. We all love you both. Chris, thank you for keeping us all updated, we know how short you are on time lately.

  3. Allllllright! I love low numbers. Kind of like my GPA in law school! I mean, not a 3.7. That was more like Maggie’s. I just like low numbers in general, I mean, if low numbers are a good thing in that particular situation.

    Chris, thanks for all of the info despite the fact that you don’t have much free time with school.

    Keep the good news coming!

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