Spa Visit This Wednesday

Our really tough decision still looms but it’s likely to be made for us come Wednesday.  Maggie and I are both anxious for many reasons, none of them particularly good.  If we switch, the new drugs will require new dances.  And because we switched, it means we are at a new place in our Great Cancer Adventure.  Again, not particularly good.

Maggie is, for all intents and purposes, doing fantastic.  She’s blazing around like the world is perfect – twinkly eyes, big bright smile, and just as fleet footed as ever.  (Ok, maybe not exactly fleet footed, but that has nothing to do with The Cancer.)  She’s having a great time at her new job although working full time tired her out.  Again, probably nothing to do with The Cancer but rather that she’s just been, well, not doing a whole lot since graduation.  And a body gets used to not doing a whole lot pretty quickly.  😉

We finally got copies of the report from MD Anderson.  It read like I thought it would: Blah, blah, blah, cancer.  Blah, blah, tumors.  Blah, blah, not eligible for surgery, blah, blah, blah.  It did have some ominous other little things on it that mentioned spots that showed up on the CT we need to watch.  One is in her neck. Now don’t go getting all worried.  CTs are amazingly coarse for the amount of money they charge for the scan.  We’ll just wait and see what happens next.  I learned early in this adventure that there’s no need to borrow any troubles from the future.  If they are coming, they’ll be here soon enough.

I realize I haven’t really touched on the topic of where we are and what’s going on.  The truth is we just don’t know, really.  I could fill this page with lots of guesses and they’d be just that.  But I’ve told you what I know, give or take a few details.  Wednesday’s Spa visit will hopefully give us a little more to go on.  And I’ll really, really, really try hard to get an update up as soon as I know anything (my school is kicking me awfully hard right now in the stomach and this week all leads up to a very, very tough Thursday, despite what else is going on in our lives.)


7 thoughts on “Spa Visit This Wednesday

  1. Hang in, Maggie and Chris! Things are tough, but the best part is that both of you are right where you planned to be in October of 2007 … despite the nasty curve in the road that you’ve been on since last January. We’re all proud of you and cheering you on! Hugs, kisses, good thoughts, and many prayers for you both …..

  2. Keep on a Keepin’ on, dear ones. You’re doin’great! Many prayers, and lots of hugs. Love you lots!

  3. Hey folks, if Maggie can get ME to actually eat SEAFOOD of all things (redfish specifically) – this girl can do ANYTHING! Keep kicking it Maggie! Love ya!!

  4. I am very grateful to finally see you Maggie! Dinner was absolutely great as well as seeing Brooke’s expression while eating redfish.

    Hang tough; you are loved.

  5. Chris…I’m printing & placing on my mirror need to borrow any troubles..if they are coming they’ll be here soon enough. How incredibly logical and true,true,true. I’ve paid a lot for counseling not this good. If this isn’t in the Bible, it should be. You are Maggie’s strength and rock and security to allow her to be ..blazing around like the world is perfect.. She has You and God and many praying friends…what a Lucky Girl… Brenda

  6. Maggie and Chris, Just heard the news. Wow. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope today goes as well as possible. Sometimes I think doctors are paid to be pessimistic. The glass is always half full, keep blazing!

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