Made the Chemo Switch

We have switched to the new type of chemo, Oxaliplatin.  Maggie is just getting home and, while she’s tired, she’s doing fine.  I’ll update more when I’ve got some time but for now I’ve got to concentrate on schoolwork.

9 thoughts on “Made the Chemo Switch

  1. Thinking positive, hang in there, and keep up the good work–both of you. Lots and lots of prayers and good thoughts. Loads of love.

  2. Lots of prayers that this new chemo treatment will be effective and can be followed up with a successfull surgery soon.

  3. Here’s to the power of Oxaliplatin and then some. I have faith this will do the trick. Good luck with the schoolwork Chris.

  4. I don’t know much about Oxaliplatin. I’ve been told the side effects can be rough, but we heard the same about the other stuff … and Maggie refused to let that one win! So I believe she’ll handle Oxaliplatin the same way!

    You knock it down hard, Maggie, and the rest of us will be right behind you to trample it into the ground!

    Happy thoughts, lots of prayers, and much love still coming your way from Irving!

  5. Oh yes …. Chris, hang on to that runaway school train! Next year at this time, you’ll be glad you took the ride ….

    Love you ….

  6. A new treatment with new opportunities. Maggies zest for life, your support and all of your friends blessings and prayers…a great combination. It goes without saying that Jason and I are here for anything you need. I thank God every day that you guys are part of my family. Love you

  7. Chris, just keep it up with your school work; you will make it!! And you and Maggie, please just don’t give up on working with the Great American Cancer Adventure!! and, Maggie, all the best to your new law job!. It will all work out!

    We (Grandma and Aunt Pat) are praying for you and will never, ever give up!!

    Sincerely and Love,
    Aunt Pat Valente
    of Daly City, CA!!

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