Prop 15 Passed

Thank you to everyone who voted for Proposition 15.  It passed and no doubt your vote will save a life or, at minimum, will help give more than a few people a little bit more time to spend with loved ones… eventually.  Thank you.

Speaking of opportunities, Maggie’s next visit to The Spa is Friday for treatment.  This new treatment is not near as much fun as the last kind, which is too bad because that last type was just a party in a drip bag!  The main issue we are dealing with is nausea.  Just like when this all started, we are having difficulties getting the nausea preventative formula just right.  Fortunately, it’s not quite as urgent as the last “new chemo” time (Jan/Feb was tough and REALLY urgent, as in “crisis” but hey, back then we were still recovering from major surgery and all.)   Comparisons to earlier aside, it’s not a good time.

We seem to be on about a 7:7 bad to good pattern – 7 days of crappy followed by 7 days better.  Of course, this will be our third treatment of this type so, as we’ve seen, a lot can change very quickly.  In patterns we find comfort.

We also got the results of the latest PET scan.  The tumors in her liver haven’t changed in size.  The PET scan was for a baseline to use to measure if the new chemo regimen is working.  We won’t know until we either see shrinkage or grow-age.  We’re shooting for the former.  Well, actually, truth be told, we are shooting for “sudden disappearance.”  If that happens, I promise you’ll be the third to know (me + Maggie = 2 + you = 3.)

Martha, the roommate from Waco way back from the law school daze, has moved in for a while.  It’s nice to have her smiling face around.  And I know that Maggie is enjoying her company.  In case you are counting that makes 3 girls in the house (plus one puppy.)  It’s a lot warmer place now.  And with more talking.

Off to class…

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  1. Oh, Maggie–
    I am so happy you gave us (in your Life of Meaning class) this website. It is really inspiring. I admire the courageous way you and your husband are dealing with this. God bless, Maggie. Miracles happen every day…

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