Not So Hot But Improving

This weekend was pretty yucky with the unpleasantness peaking probably yesterday.  I say “probably” because I actually don’t know.  I wasn’t here with Maggie but was, instead, studying all day.  I do know that the two times I talked briefly to her via phone she sounded pretty low.  Thank you, Martha, for taking good care of Maggie last night in my place.  Thankfully, today she’s feeling a bit better.  And we went to lunch together today!  🙂

Friday’s Spa visit went fine.  Her mom, Mary, was acting chauffeur, hand-holder, and food-maker.  After The Spa, Maggie came home and hit the sheets until about supper time.  I cranked the AC prior to their arrival because a side-effect of this new treatment is that she gets really, really hot.  It’s ironic, actually.  Cold-sensitivity while being too hot.

Saturday went fine.  Maggie, like all cancer patients who just got chemo the day before do, cleaned out the upstairs closet, re-arranged Martha’s bedroom, and did a number of other various household chores.  She and Martha also cleaned out the fridge and pantry.  Then, for some reason, she was tired and didn’t feel good.  Weird.

Sunday wasn’t tons better but she muscled through, this time w/o doing a myriad household chores.  I had asked her to re-shingle the roof and mow the lawn but apparently she felt laying around was more important.  Women.

During all this I studied.  I haven’t been much help lately except to my classmates.  It’s hard to make that tradeoff.  I’m so thankful that Maggie lets me, all with a smile.  How lucky am I?  Despite the fact that she didn’t mow the lawn.

On another note, I’ve been asked by some folks about the cookbook I’m selling as part of my Acton class sales challenge.  Yes, you can buy them from me ($28+sh).  Honestly, I’m pretty excited about some of the recipes.  Of course, all sales to friends and family don’t count toward my challenge.  All orders must be in by Nov. 16th so email me if you are interested (or post using your email address and I’ll contact you.)  It’s called Austin Entertains from the Junior League of Austin and has a bazillion tasty recipes, some from local Austin chefs from Jeffrey’s, Shoreline Grill, Si Bon, Fonda San Miguel, and others.

Maggie is having a Cancer Q&A tonight for her Life of Meaning class she’s taking. It’s a class straight out of the Acton curriculum taught one evening a week by the magical Steven Tomlinson, one of my fantastic professors, and another lady I don’t know.  She wanted to give her fellow classmates the opportunity to ask the curious questions about what’s going on.  She’s excited but a little nervous.  I asked her if she wanted me to go with her but she was clear.  Spend your time studying, she said, so we can have some time together later this week.  Nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Not So Hot But Improving

  1. Dear Ones, so good to hear from you. Maggie, I do hope you are feeling much better by now, so the two of you can have some quality time at least by this weekend. Your LIfe of Meaning class sounds fasinating. Would love to sit in on your Cancer Q&A. Maybe some day I can have a private Q&A with you. Would love to see you, and have another one of your wonderful hugs, and see that great smile. Love you, and prayers always.

  2. Chris… I DO want a cookbook (1). I’ll pay by c/c whenever it is con- venient for your schedule. On the other subject, with Maggie’s smile, it could heal anything and anybody– hey, maybe she should spend hours in front of a mirror just smiling!

    Brenda Smith, Waco Magistrate Office

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