Quick Update

Maggie got the CT finished up this morning.  She’s fine but there was a small hiccup.

She was scheduled for the scan bright and early – 6:30 AM.  This time around they gave her Benadryl to attempt to prevent the instant nausea that’s plagued previous scans.  It worked.  Well, at least she didn’t get sick.  But it’s unclear if it was the Benadryl or it was because they screwed up her IV.  Yeah, they partially missed her vein and, instead of pushing the dye where it belonged, it just filled up a large ball on her arm.  Yikes.  She said it hurt quite a bit and left a half-a-tennis-ball-sized lump.  Good grief.

They apparently got the scans, which I don’t understand, and she says she’s fine.  When I spoke with her at lunch she said the lump had decreased in size considerably and she sounded fine.

Tomorrow is the meeting with Dr. Eng around noon-ish to discuss how the scans look.

7 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. My prayers are with both of you!!!
    Thanks for the “quick update” too! I’ve been wondering about things all day long!

  2. All thoughts and prayers are coming your way from North Texas. I’ve got a new batch of students already keeping up with the daily blog. Maggie’s entourage is growing daily, all sending hopes and prayers….only good things can come from that.

  3. My arm is almost completely back to normal this morning. Just a little sore. BTW, the way they got the scans was by putting a needle in my other arm. They say I have small veins, and I know they have big needles (nary between the two should meet). After some effort, a nurse got a vein on my wrist and the scan went forward.

  4. Bless your heart, Maggie. I’m sure that wasn’t pleasant. But if a good positive report is the result, we’ll forgive. On needles and pins until we hear . Prayer continues. All our love. Meme & Big Daddy.

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