Dr. Curly’s Assessment

More of the same – tumors too big, too many.  So Maggie’s on her way home.

No new news, really.  But it’s tough when you are hoping for a miracle and, instead, you get this.  Yes, Nurse Jolie says this is great news, that the tumors are shrinking again and the chemo is working.  But, man, it just doesn’t feel like good news.

Maggie was pretty upset when she left the doctor’s office.  Tears over the phone hurt the ears and the heart pretty badly.  Someone in the office overheard Maggie telling me about what Dr. Curly said and how frustrated and upset she was.  Trying to help, the stranger came over to tell her to keep the faith.  Kind words but they tend to sting.  People never tell you to keep the faith when things are looking good.

Despite my best attempts to focus my studies have really suffered this week.  I find my mind wandering easily to unpleasant thoughts. Today in class I really lucked out.  We had a particularly difficult case to prepare.  My preparation was lacking but, fortunately, I didn’t get called on.  Corey, one of my classmates, took a sword today and did a great job.  Thanks for keeping the heat off me, Corey.

One last thing – Happy Birthday, Mom!  I sure am glad you were born.  😉

Now, I gotta get back to studying.  This train don’t stop until May 4th.  Ever….

3 thoughts on “Dr. Curly’s Assessment

  1. Our hearts go out to you both, we love you always.

    Happy birthday, Mom. Carrie’s glad you were born too!!

  2. I will reiterate that this is great news, that her chemo is working. In my practice I see so many CT scan reports that show progression of cancer – and that was a very real possibility in Maggie’s case. That was my biggest fear walking into Dr. Eng’s office – so imagine how wonderful it was to hear that the tumors were shrinking. It is great news!!

  3. So much love is sent your way. Oh how I wish I could do this for you. But all I can do it hope and pray for each of you constantly. Yes, this is good news–not what we had hoped, but good never the less. And I know it is going to get better and better. We’re all hanging in. Stay the course–next round is going to be better. Hugs for both of you.

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