Monthly Archives: February 2008

Familiar (and scary) Story

Back when our Great Cancer Adventure started, the insurance company, Humana, wrote us a letter telling us that they were “auditing” our application… and was clearly threatening to cancel our policy when we needed it most.  I’m not certain how close we actually came to being canceled but I can tell you for sure that we definitely felt like we were just inches away from the same situation as Patsy Bates, the woman in this video.  Thankfully, it was not the case for us. Continue reading Familiar (and scary) Story

Flu Made for Two & More on the Spa Visit

The Influenza de Maggie has taken it’s logical next step – I’m now sick as a dog.*  So, while Maggie and I were hanging out last night instead of sleeping, she shared with me more details of her visit with Dr. Loukas on Tuesday morning.
*  You have to wonder, really, where are all these dogs that have a cough, runny nose, and fever with body aches? Continue reading Flu Made for Two & More on the Spa Visit

Long Night, No Sleep

Maggie didn’t sleep at all last night.  This morning her temp was 102.8.  Yikes.  Yesterday, after her 101.9 reading I called Nurse Mary who had Dr. Loukas get us an antibiotic and said to just come in tomorrow for her normal appointment.  Well, that’s in two hours and 25 minutes (9AM) so we’ll hopefully have more info after that.