Home to Sleep

Dr. Loukas thinks it’s the flu.  Flo thinks it’s pneumonia.  Either way, Dr. Loukas does not believe that there’s any real threat or need for a hospital visit. Her blood counts are fine which is really key.  That Neulasta shot is doing its job.  Without it, right now, exactly two weeks after her last round of hard-hitting chemo, is when her counts would crash.  Even though she’s feeling horrible (like most folks with the flu would!), she’s going to be ok.  Ok… but with the flu.

6 thoughts on “Home to Sleep

  1. Get some rest and feel better soon, loads of fluids all that good stuff, good news on the blood counts! Hang in there kiddo, Love YA!

  2. We just ate a big lunch and now relaxing. Hopefully this thing will go away just as quickly as it came on!

  3. Sure hope it does go away quickly! Flu is no picnic. So eat that chicken soup and rest, rest, rest! Hopefully you’ll be back on your feet in no time. Love, thoughts and prayers, always.

  4. Feel better Mags. I think Brent has the same thing as you, he’s been miserable since Monday and has a 102 temperature.

  5. Ah, feel better soon sweetie. It has been going around school like mad, the flu that is. I’m glad I got my shot so as to not pass anything to you. Plus you know me with my anti-bac wipes and gel. I’ll be happy to go and pick you up some yummy Thai desserts and soup. xoxo!

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