Familiar (and scary) Story

Back when our Great Cancer Adventure started, the insurance company, Humana, wrote us a letter telling us that they were “auditing” our application… and was clearly threatening to cancel our policy when we needed it most.  I’m not certain how close we actually came to being canceled but I can tell you for sure that we definitely felt like we were just inches away from the same situation as Patsy Bates, the woman in this video.  Thankfully, it was not the case for us.

On a related note, Humana One “refused” our payment this month for some unknown reason.  (The reason refused is in quotes is because no one at Humana seems to know what that means.)  This is the second time – last time was in October.  Call it the conspiracist in me but it just seems a little strange that a company paying out load of money for claims occasionally “loses” or better yet “refuses” my payments.  Especially when non-payment of the premium is grounds for terminating the policy.  They say it’s a probably just a “technical glitch” with how electronic payments are made over the Internet.  I say “geee, if it were that difficult and frequent, why aren’t any of my other bill pays having trouble.”  Then they blame my bank.  Something smells fishy to me.  Fortunately, I stay on top of it.

4 thoughts on “Familiar (and scary) Story

  1. I’m sure that your diligent–and public–documentation of such challenges will help you in your situation. Good for you for staying with it and not being bullied by the big insurance corporation! You are right to smell a rat, and it’s such a shame that, on top of everything else, you have to fight these sorts of battles.

    Best of luck to you both on your fight, on all fronts. You both continue to inspire me.

    Stay public with your insuranse challenges. It can only help your cause. The big insurance companies don’t want the public to know about tactics such as this.

    You are in my heart, though we don’t know one another well. I wish you only the best.

  2. Wow…. You are absolutely RIGHT to
    “smell a rat” with regard to Humana.

    ….I’ve been paying my bills online
    for almost a decade now, and I have
    NEVER heard of an electronic payment
    being “refused” for ANY reason.

    Perhaps they have put some kind of
    internal flag on your file.


    Maybe you could try contacting the
    feature editor at your city’s local

    ….Or even try reaching out to a
    paper with a larger geographic reach,
    such as USA Today, or the New York Times.

    If your story got picked up by the
    Associated Press, you could even land
    some network TV news coverage.

    …..Which would embarrass the hell
    out of Humana….

    ….and may even uncover the exact
    mechanism by which they mysteriously
    “lose” or “refuse” payments from the
    very people they are supposedly in
    business to serve.

    (Just a thought.)

    Take care, you guys,

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