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The other day something happened that touched me deeply.  I’ve been pondering it for some time now, trying to find the right words to put upon a page to appropriately pay homage.  I still haven’t found the perfect words but today is the perfect day to tell the story.

After class one day some classmates and I went to Baby A’s for an after-a-tough-week drink (or two.)  It was a little chilly on the porch but the company and conversation was great.  Near the door was one of those quarter-fed games that have the claws that drop down to grab teddy bears.  You’ve seen them at the supermarkets and other places with kids attached to the joystick praying for that claw to hit on a prize.

On our way out, I played the sucker- I fed it my quarter.  Without much deliberation I moved the claw toward what I saw as a beary good target and let it drop.  To my surprise it grabbed the bear/target, pulled it up and dropped it in the bucket.  I had won the prize.  The whole process, from quarter drop to bear retrieval, was so fluid and natural that my classmates must think I’m a bear-grabbing god, a master of the claw.  Fact is that I’ve never played that game before.  Fact is that I was just plain lucky.

Friends, acquaintances and strangers alike tell Maggie and me how strong we are, how brave we are, and how what we are doing is amazing and inspiring.  But away from earshot, those same people anguish about how miserable our situation is and how fate has dealt us a bad hand.  But, I contend that we are far from miserable – that, in fact, we are the luckiest two people in the world.

Back on June 14, 1999 Maggie and I met.  It was immediately obvious to both of us that we made a very unique match.  Time has proven that, back then, we had no clue how perfect a match.  Since that day we’ve been inseparable (other than those three pesky years in law school.)  We are perfect together – like the hands of a higher force molded one for the other.  She yins.  I yang.  I might could say that June 14th was the luckiest day of my life.  But reality is that every day I spend with her is the luckiest day of my life.  Maggie might say the same (you’d have to ask her.)  So, imagine if you will how that feels – to have lived 3,181 days with your best friend, your perfect match.  It took a long time for us to find each other but we did, purely out of chance.  I’d say that makes us the luckiest couple on earth.

If that’s not enough, the blessing of a fair amount of luck early in my career helped sweeten our time together.  During the boom, we enjoyed a lifestyle of silliness and indulgence together, romping, laughing, and exploring.  I couldn’t have shared that time with a more adventuresome, enjoyable, appreciative and exciting person.  We lived a fairy tale life of travels, food, and toys.  What great fun it all was!

Four years ago today, February 28, 2004, I was privileged to watch my then-girlfriend, dressed all in white, walk arm-in-arm with her brother Virgil past friends and family while smiling the most beautiful smile I had ever (and still have ever) seen.  Climbing the stairs, looking radiant, she took her place beside me on stage as my equal to proclaim our love and devotion to each other to all who witnessed.  We became husband and wife.  I call that pretty lucky.

We were lucky to have the opportunity to follow our dreams, first her to law school, then me to Acton for my MBA.  And this morning, I was lucky enough to give her a kiss on the cheek as she lay sleeping as I left for class.  So, no matter how you slice this pie, we are definitely the luckiest couple on earth.  And I’m so, so happy to be a part of this adventure called life with my best friend, my wife Maggie.

Happy Anniversary, Baby!  Thank you for making me the luckiest man alive.

16 thoughts on “Lucky Us

  1. I loged in today to wish you both a happy and anniversary and now people are walking by watching me ugly cry, ……Affirmation of love and devotion is what y’all give us. Your journey gives others a glimpse of what commitment is all about~you are lucky. I wish I wore waterproof mascara today!

  2. Happy Anniversary, my love, my life, my sweet boy! I can not imagine a life more perfect then the one I share with you.

    Yes, we are going through a crazy adventure right now — but I feel strongly that we will both see the other side and look back at this time only to marvel at the fortune we found in other people. We have met so many amazing people through cancer, we have experienced such kindness… our lives are changed, our perspectives reevaluated… but we have each other and I really do believe that we live (and always have) a charmed life together.

    My love, I would rather have 10 or 15 years with you then a lifetime with another. Even if we do not get to retire in rocking chairs together I will have spent my life the way I wanted with the only person I ever wanted to spend it with. I love you!

  3. Wow…I just finally caught up with all of this and I must say I am embarrassed I did not know sooner, sad that I have missed being there to lend support or just care and know(but you have a village :)so I feel better) and inspired. You are both so inspiring…such wonderful peeps!

    You are both such smart, strong and amazing individuals that always have seemed so absolutely perfectly complimentary to each other…I always recall seeing that. It was always so good to see. This is just a confirmation. I have caught up on the last year through your site (thanks for that by the way)and just want to send you all the best wishes, love, care and strength I am able. My thoughts are with you….I know I am slow but they are now and I am thinking all the best, wonderful, life-enjoying things possible! How could I not know?!

    It is so refreshing and hopeful to see such a loving and caring and committed couple. You are both so very special…it is really apparent. 🙂

    Please add me to the e-mail updates if that is ok…

    Love Always,

  4. You two are just so freaking sweet and made for each other. Anyone that has knows ya’ll know this has always been the case. Chris has a way of touching my heart with his words and bringing a tear to my eye. Happy Anniversary!

  5. While I am getting to this a little late, you two are always on my mind, in my heart and included in my daily prayers. I love you both, I love that you have each other for companionship and support, and I love that you find such joy in being together. Happy Anniversary!
    All My Love!

  6. Happy anniversary, Maggie and Chris! You have just lived four years of marriage: four for February 28th and once for February 29th! It is truly love and faith that keeps you both together for better or for worse!

    Love and regards,
    Aunt Pat Valente
    and Grandma Valente

  7. Chris and Maggie,
    I pray that your strength and energy be given a boost in the same way you have given a boost to so many others.
    Happy Anniversary … late.
    My wife and I have shared a long time loving relationship but when I read about your life, our love is not quite on the same level. It reminds me of the feeling I get on Veterans Day when they ask the veterans to stand and be honored. I am proud to have served but I did not have to dodge any bullets. Best wishes for the future. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I don’t even know you guys. I found your blog by reading Brooke’s. you two are inspiring. You’re in my thoughts as well.


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