Another CT and an MRI

We just got back from CT and MRI fun time.  The day started early with a Barium breakfast at 6:30AM, chilled for her pleasure.  Both scans went fine although the legs were a little wobbly after the MRI for some reason.  All those magnetic fields messed with Maggie’s thinker, I suppose.  Either that or all that contrast blowing through the ol’ blood/brain barrier just shook things up a bit.  Nonetheless, she’s fine and taking a quick nap before heading to work.

We’ll get Dr. Loukas’ feedback Wednesday.  She’ll get chemo (or at least chemo-light – more on this later) on Friday.

The two main questions we want to answer with these scans are:
1. Are the tumors growing, shrinking, or staying the same? (The preferred answer is “shrinking!”)
2. Is the brain tumor-free? (The preferred answer is “yes!” – including the exclamation mark)

I’ll be posting pictures of the results sometime later this week so check back.

On a personal note, I have now officially completed my schooling.  While I don’t feel much smarter and I’m not much taller, I’m certainly glad to be finished with all that.  It was a lot harder than I anticipated.  The graduation ceremony was good.  It was great to see all my family as well as meet my classmate’s families.  But probably what you are most interested in is that I will be back on a more frequent posting schedule.

3 thoughts on “Another CT and an MRI

  1. Congratulations Chris. Well done on your school’n. And I’m sending good vibes for Maggie’s results.

  2. I’m so proud of you! And I’m so anxious to hear Maggie’s _GOOD NEWS_ officially! (I just know it will definitely be good news!)

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