Feet & Hands Update

Maggie’s feet and hands are pretty numb.  She’s been uncharacteristically wobbly lately, enough to where it’s caused me a fair amount of concern.  Thankfully, the pain in her feet and hand has subsided thanks to the new med Lyrica.

Lyrica works by slowing the nerve impulses down which has the effect of putting a soft, velvet glove over your body that dampens your sense of touch.  While it has stopped the pain (peripheral neuropathy-related, a common side-effect of oxaliplatin) we think it is the reason her Wobbliness Factor (WF) score has notched up a bit.  While Maggie typically runs about a 2 WF (about a 4 WF after a little wine) right now she’s running about a 7 WF.  As a comparison, Dudley Moore pulled off a brilliant 8 WF in the movie Arthur.

So, with that in mind we’ve taken a few things off our list of fun things to do in the evenings:

  • Tango dancing
  • Fire walking
  • Tight-rope walking, any height
  • Running in stilettos, any distance

The numbness started in her finger tips and toe-tips and has progressed slowly up her feet toward her ankles and up her hands toward her wrists.  Since she’s no longer taking oxaliplatin, the progression of numbness up her legs and arms should stop.  And she will, we’ve been told, eventually regain her sense of touch.  It may take a while, though, possibly more than a year.

I hope the feeling in her extremities returns soon.  I just got these fantastic, shiny red jogging pumps….

2 thoughts on “Feet & Hands Update

  1. Maggie, your body is taking a beating but your spirit is strong and mighty. I am thinking and praying for you constantly. Hang tough babe.

    Much love,

  2. Maggie your strength and willingness is so amazing! You go through so much but yet manage to always have a smile. Don’t ever give up. God Bless you and Chris through this tough time. Love ya!

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