Announcing Kali Weaver

Kali Weaver


Born: May 21, 2008… but came home with us Sunday at 6:57 p.m.

Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz.

Length: 10.25 inches

Maggie and I have been in new puppy negotiations for quite some time now. I’m not 100% exactly sure when I lost (I was on the “against” side) but it’s clear that I did (see Kali Arrival Notice.) Yes, Niko would enjoy a friend. Yes, puppies are cute and fun. Yes, it’s not much more work to care for two puppies than just one.

Now that a full week of puppy-dom has passed, I’ve got a few post-puppy-arrival arguments that I could have used to strengthen my position:

  • Puppies need to be taken outside almost every hour at night
  • Puppies poop a lot
  • Their decibels-per-pound ratio is off the charts
  • Maggie can sleep through a train while Chris wakes up if a mouse farts in the same county
  • Puppies poop a lot
  • Wow, they chew on everything (including themselves)
  • Did I mention that puppies poop a LOT – I mean physically! The volume is just unreal. If I were to “present” with the same, uh, “delivery” I’d panic!

So, I struggle through haze-filled days and spend lots of time on the back porch in the dark singing poop-encouragement songs.

But Maggie is right. Kali’s a lot of fun. The Kali vs. Niko the Giant fight scenes are hilarious and growing more frequent. She loves to chase the tennis ball although she’s a little unclear on the bring-it-back part of the game. We’ll work on that. And, did you know that, just like pythons, puppies can unhook their jaw bones to fit objects of comical size into their mouths. Picture in your mind a pint-sized puppy carrying around a full-grown tennis ball. I’ve seen it! Hopefully I can catch a photo to prove it.

She has impressed us with her puppy smarts. She knows which door needs to open to relieve the bowels. She also knows that for the door to open she must stand near it and wait. Fantastic. Her most important puppy lesson thus far, however, is that the toy that tastes the best is the one in Niko’s mouth.

Niko is adapting slowly. She keeps a Do Not Disturb sign posted at night and in the early mornings. But Kali, with her still developing brain, hasn’t figured out how to read quite yet. So Niko tries to gently educate with growls and barred teeth. Blood has yet to be drawn but, personally, I think Niko is putting up a tough girl front. I know she enjoys the rough-housing as much as Kali does. It’s like a G-Rated Wild Kingdom around here. At least between naps, eating and pooping.

9 thoughts on “Announcing Kali Weaver

  1. Can’t wait to babysit and spoil her rotten, as any awesome aunt should do! Of course, when she is a little bit older and in more control of the bowels. 😉

  2. I too have seen the tennis ball in the mouth of the teenie-weenie Kali-bear! It is an awesome feat much to be admired! Carson had much fun playing with her and being licked and nibbled on this past weekend!
    Niko was a little more reticent about Carson, though. All in all, a good time was had by all!

  3. Sounds like a zoo at your house. But what fun! I can only imagine how tiny she must be after seeing the picture of her with Niko. And Niko isn’t very big herself. Would love to see her, but pictures are great. Can’t wait to see more. Hugs to Kali, and Niko, too. Enjoy

  4. Let’s see … that will now be …. uh …10!!! puppy dogs at Jim and Sara’s house for Christmas??? Maybe we (people) should have Christmas in the back yard so the dogs will have more room to play! LOL!

    Can hardly wait to see little Kalita and Niko ….

  5. I can’t wait to see her. And yes, I have 3 since they were puppies. Pretty much within 5 minutes of waking, eating, drinking, playing, there is a poop or tinkle to be had. Did I say I can’t wait to see her? I bet Lula Belle would enjoy playing with someone her size, if only for a few more weeks. Try hanging a bell on the door for that little toot, maybe she’ll pick up on ringing it to go out. Or maybe she’ll discover, ring bell, door open, stand at door, come in, ring bell, door open, stand at door, come in, ring bell, door open. You know the drill. Ahh….

  6. Hey – this grandma wants to see her new grandpuppy! There are measurements to take and clothes to sew!

    Thanks for the pictures. I’m loading some into the digital frame that I’m giving to Kali and Nico’s great grandparents in San Francisco. They used to have a poodle and really love dogs.

    xox — Mom

  7. Maggie and Chris,

    Hope you are happy with the new puppy!

    I just wanted to mention about what I ssaw on “60 Minutes” on TV’s CBS network on Sunday, July 20th. An experiment is being done on a miracle machine call the “Kansas Machine” that is supposed to zap out cancer cells without the ugly chemo side effects! What happens is that nanoparticles are injected into the bloodstream, then the subject is moved into this machine to be charged up; like a scanner. The machine targets by energy only the tumors and does not attack the normal cells. If you’all can hold out for the next four years, perhaps this type of treatment may be available to humans and used to cure someone like Maggie!

    I will always pray for you and whatever God may help out with!!

    Do not give up any hope.

    Much Love,

    Aunt Pat Valente
    Daly City, CA

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