Today is Better

Today our heads are better.  Maggie is still having notable chest pain which we have decided is caused by soreness from her rigors that occurred at The Spa on Friday.  The vigorousness of the shaking that went on could certainly cause soreness in many areas.  I’ve re-enacted Friday’s show for Maggie to see and, from my little experiment, it’s quite simple to see the relationship.  So, for now on, that’s what the pain is from and nothing else.  That doesn’t get rid of it, however, but baths and lots of laying around help quite a bit.  Her, not me.

The pain in her arm is completely gone now.  Her stomach, while not hurting anymore, is pretty constantly in a state of unrest, status quo now that we are back on the Xeloda.  Xeloda is an energy vampire so that Maggie’s operating at about half speed.  Her normal is Warp 8 so she’s still springing about at a respectable Warp 6.5*

*Warp speed, if you’ll remember from Star Trek, is non-linear and almost logarithmic so cutting the speed by 50% doesn’t equate to a 50% reduction the number.  Warp 4 would be 10x slower than Warp 8.  Become more informed here and here.

We are going to try to push for getting the CPT-11 tomorrow at The Spa despite not having an appointment.  We really want to get this stuff working as quickly as possible.  Hopefully they’ll squeeze us in.  Heck, if they’ll just mix the stuff right I know the rest of the show.  I can switch the bags and poke the needles.  If they can’t, then I imagine we’ll need to wait until next Monday so as to have Maggie in right shape for this weekend’s festivities.  As Maggie said, a week isn’t going to hurt that much or Dr. Loukas would have been more insistent that we start sooner.  And since we are taking the Xeloda we are at least doing something.

So, Maggie is at work today in prep for a difficult post-treatment week working from home.  I’m working to try to make the time we lost on my project.  And the new puppy, she is showing some encouraging signs of domestication.

5 thoughts on “Today is Better

  1. chris and maggie, much love and prayers for you both from your friends in north carolina, thinking of yall all the time-the shaffers

  2. So glad today was a better day. Lots of prayers and good thoughts off and on all day and night. You’re never far from my thoughts. And always lots of love.
    Meme & BD

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about both of your latest difficulties with this fight. As always, you’re in my prayers and I hope all the love and support you have helps make it a little easier.

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