Hair today….

…Gone tomorrow.  Twenty-one days to the day.  That’s how long it took for CPT-11 to start its dirty work.  Maggie and I were sitting upstairs on the couch late this evening, appreciating our special time together, talking about our day and watching House when she showed me the first clumps.  It wasn’t much.  Maybe 10-15 hairs.  But we know these signs. We traveled this road before.  The hair loss has begun.

Last time it was almost exactly 60 days from the start of treatment until we had the head shaving party.  Looking forward, apparently we’ve got another bald Halloween coming up.  That’s two in a row.  I’ll take as many as I can get, with or without hair.  Trick or treat.

5 thoughts on “Hair today….

  1. Maggie would be the sexiest bald romulin ever! Social butterflies that you are, you likely already have plans…but if not, consider coming to our place for a Halloween-plus-1 party, and show off that exquisite scalp! Maggie, your beauty transcends the need for hair!

  2. A very, very thin silver lining is that Maggie looks absolutely stunning in her beautiful wig!

    Much love, happy thoughts, and many, many prayers daily for you both!

  3. well, if you need help with the shaving part, give me a call. not only am i a hairstylist, but i had to shave my mom’s last year around this time. just let me know, and i will bring the wine and clippers over! Muah!!

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