Lighting Strikes

We met with Dr. Loukas today to discuss our situation in more detail. Things are worse than even he (and we) thought. It is very unfortunate.

Recall that pesky pulled muscle in Maggie’s neck I referred to in my last post? Well, apparently, it’s not a pulled muscle. It’s an inflamed lymph node, swollen from a tumor growing inside it. Dr. Loukas said the scan showed small tumors up the center Maggie’s chest. The one in the neck surprised him. Surprised us, too.

He told us that we need to get into a trial quickly because we need an effective systemic treatment. He’s calling San Antonio and Dallas to find us some options. He also strongly recommended that Maggie pull back her law practice quite a bit, at least for a while. At least until we find a treatment that works.

He said that if the steroid that he’s prescribing (Decedron) doesn’t help the swelling and pain then we could start radiation treatment on that one spot to kill off the cancer cells. Of course, we responded with “why the hell don’t we do that with all the tumors?” He explained (using less descriptive words than I’ve chosen) using radiation to kill off the tumors would be the equivalent of trying to take out a termite’s nest by killing one termite at a time. Fun to hear them pop when you squish them, but not very effective overall.

I won’t insult you with sugar-coating. This sucks. But we are coping. Maggie’s in good spirits. I think there’s a Vicodin-assist going on, at least a little bit. And, me? Well, if you don’t like the mood I’m in, wait 5 minutes.

10 thoughts on “Lighting Strikes

  1. Good news… after only two little steroid pills my neck is feeling a lot better! Just like when I had the rash stuff. Conclusion: I LOVE STEROIDS.

    I don’t mean to sound like a pusher or anyting, but, when in doubt take some steroids they always seem to make me feel better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yay! I was happy to read a ‘good news’ update from Maggie this morning. It was good to chat with you yesterday. You are in my thoughts and sending as much love and positive energy to you this morning as I can possibly muster (before I’ve had my cup of coffee). Hey – maybe if you get all steroided up, you can invite those tumors out into the back alley and kick it’s stupid ass up and down!

  3. I cannot accurately express what my heart is saying, only “We love you and we are here always”

  4. I bet Carrie would like to have you come to Dallas for treatment.

    I’ve been on steroids (prednisone) for ulcerative colitis. Loved what they did for my large intestine, in a temporary way. Had to have my lg intestine removed so now I’m cured.

    Zap each and every “termite” you can and enjoy the sizzle!


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