San Antonio Day 2

More of the same.  No bad news.  Encouraging words from the doctor. A variety of clinic trial options are ready when we are.  However…..

Most, if not all, clinical trials require that participants have been at least four week or more out since the last treatment, including targeted radiation.  Since we started radiation last Thursday, that puts us nearly into December before we can start a trial.  Boo.  But, as one doctor told us, pain management and killing off the current problem makers takes top priority.  Meanwhile, we’ll keep biting our nails in hopes other “priorities” don’t pop up.

So, on we go with the radiation treatment which continues to show signs of progress.  Additionally, Wednesday’s doctor, Dr. Papadopoulos, gave us a new type of pain med in hopes that we can finally get the discomfort under control – a patch that sticks on the skin that releases a very powerful pain killer called Fentanyl slowly over 72 hours.  It’s definitely working.  Today Maggie has been more smiles than she has been lately.  We are still having frequent nausea and vomiting.  But the pain has been significantly reduced.  Rockin’.

Now, the bad news.  In a “God is laughing at us” twist, Niko ,our beloved dog, has been diagnosed with cancer.  We had a very suspicious spot of skin removed last week during all the other crap that was going on.  It was tested and confirmed to be a mast cell cancer tumor.  They think they got it all during the snip-snip of the skin but who really knows.  She’s had staples in her side since the minor operation which she licks and tries to remove.    I suppose we are lucky that she’s hairless else we would have never spotted the problem so early.  But, geesh, are you kidding me?  Enough already.

9 thoughts on “San Antonio Day 2

  1. Geesh is right. We know Niko really wants to be there with her Mama, but tell her ya’ll don’t need the extra worry. Love you both! I’m sure you know, but the patch is super strong, may help the nausea to cut in half.

  2. Oh man, little Niko? I’m so sorry to read that. I bet ya the vet got all the bad stuff, though. Good thing for the hairless-ness for sure. I’m happy to hear that the pain Maggie is experiencing has subsided. Yay drugs! That new doctor’s name is fun to say. “Dr. Papadopoulos”. Hugs and Good Energy!

  3. oh wow, just followed Chris’s link on the pain killer. “Fentanyl is one of the most powerful opioid analgesics with a potency approximately 81 times that of morphine”. I’ve had morphine, once. I can’t imagine something more powerful. That ain’t messin’ around! Glad to know it’s working for ya Maggie!

  4. My heart goes out to you both. I keep thinking of all the strength and courage that Maggie has to keep going and it amazes me. I will continue to keep you two in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Oh my goodness; Niko.
    I’m so sorry you guys, but I am really happy that you are not in so much pain. Still praying for you both and Niko too.
    Hang in there both of you.

  6. Pleae do not cut the patch. The med leaks. Do not wear the patch if you have temp >101. Otherwise if it works it is great. Less nausea and constipation, just rotate the site and try to find an area with some fat to apply. The delivery system is better if there is fat to keep it lasting the 72 hours. Love all of you. Maggie will be lifted in prayer frequently during my 60 miles over 3 days
    for breast cancer research. It is in Dallas, Nov 7-9. Jim is volunteering as medical crew.

  7. I tried the Fentanyl patch too for the fibromyalgia, but it was too strong for me and after the first day I had to take it off. It made my nose itch SOOOO bad. But…it DID help with the pain and no nausea or any other side effects. My doc told me to put it on my boob. Plus, I also had irritation at the site due to the adhesive…minor issue in comparison with others.

    Poor baby Niko! She is just empathizing with her Mama. But we will say prayers for her too!

  8. Two out of three of our dogs have had mast cell tumors removed very recently…something must be in the water. In each case, they were stage II and we were told they do not do anything else (no chemo unless stage III or greater) if the margins were clear (microscopically clean cells at the borders of what they removed). The vet said, “Just watch for more tumors.”
    Comforting…our prayers are with all of you guys!! Good luck with the trials!

  9. Maggie and Chris — Our pug, Cal, had a mast cell tumor removed a couple of months ago, and he’s doing great. Stage II, so they just said to wach for more spots. Sounds like this is a pretty common thing; and since ya’ll caught it early, I’m sure everything will be fine.

    Sending much love your way — Devon.

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