Monthly Archives: November 2008

MD Anderson

So here we are at the Wizards again, despite our prior unpleasant experiences. It’s been a long day of driving, tests, and doctor visits. Adding a thick layer of additional unpleasantness was back pain – very, very bad back pain. The month+ off of treatment has given the tumors in Maggie’s liver a new lease on life. They are growing again, enlarging her liver and causing tremendous pain. But we have a plan. It’s aggressive, logical and starts Monday. Continue reading MD Anderson

The Week in Review

Hello, friends and supporters of Maggie and Chris. This is Jolie (aka Nurse Jolie). Chris is very busy taking care of his lovely wife and also starting his own company, so he hasn’t had a chance to update you all on what is going on in a while. I have volunteered to give an update of what has happened in the past week. My post cannot in any way be compared to Chris’ posts because there is no way I can compete with his funny, touching writing style. I also don’t know how to hyperlink, so there will be no links. Continue reading The Week in Review

Damn Pain Meds

Yesterday two new pains appeared – one on her shoulder and one on her side.  The one on her side is quite a problem.  She spent last night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.   The heating pad helps, if only to distract.  Today was no different.  We spent the day moving very little to avoid making things worse.  Lots of TV and a nap.  Late in the day, however, I decided it was good idea to start fighting the pain with more meds.  The next three hours were fine. Continue reading Damn Pain Meds

Medicare and Humana

After a tremendous effort to understand what our insurance options are and subsequently decipher which was the best, we’ve decided to accept Medicare Part A and Part B and ask Humana to become our secondary insurance.  We still have a number complicated worries so until we see it in action, we won’t really know if we made a good choice or not.  But we have worked hard to be well-informed and believe it to be the best choice for our specific situation. Continue reading Medicare and Humana