Found the Dose

Our little experiment to find the most appropriate dosage of pain meds worked.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t zero.  It’s somewhere around 0.5 mg/hr.  Hey, that’s a significant amount less than the 1.3 mg/hr we were suckin’ down just week before last!  We take that to mean that the treatment is working, by darned.  And next week’s treatment means more workin’ will be happening.

Maggie’s been sleeping a lot.  Most of this week she’s not gotten out of bed until 11AM, sometimes later.  And naps are a requisite part of the day.  It’s hard not to be concerned about it but I’m trying.  She likes to sleep and the puppies sure enjoy the snuggle time so who am I to complain.  Our guess is that as soon as we can drop that pain pump the energy levels will shoot back up.

Nausea has all but disappeared until today.  While getting her portacath changed, the person doing the change-out flushed her port a little too quickly which kicked in the ill feelings.  An after-lunch bath and nap helped.  By evening, when friends came over to help prepare for the party she seemed to be feeling better.

Tomorrow is the annual wine party.  It’s going to be great thanks to all our friends kicking in a little volunteer work to help us prepare.  Maggie is under strict orders to sit and rest.  Too much exertion during preparation and she’ll never make it through the party and we can’t have that.  So, with a few less complex appetizer recipes and a few more friends helping her out, we’re still going to make this party happen.  I’m sure it’ll be a smashing success.  139 people have RSVP’d so far.

5 thoughts on “Found the Dose

  1. Sounds good to me. Hopefully nextweek will bring more improvement. Have a wonderful party, but Maggie, you be a guest and not a hostess. Good, positive thoughts for next week, and prayers, always. Love to both. Meme

  2. Remember how hard Maggie’s body is battling this villain around the clock! It’s really no wonder that her stamina is reduced and she needs lots and lots and lots of rest!

    Hope you had a wonderful party on Friday night. Someday I’d like to come to one of the huge whing-dings you guys throw.

    Much, much love, many, many happy thoughts, and continual prayers for more good results next week. And, oh yes … happy Tuesday birthday, Maggie!

  3. Maggie – hoping the trip to Anderson brings good news. You truly deserve some.
    Also, Happy Birthday. Wishing you all the best.

  4. Maggie and Chris:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    I guess lots of rest and “relaxation” are some of the best gifts to have. Take care and have some fun this season!!

    Aunt Pat Valente
    Daly City, CA

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