Day One of Round Two @ MDAnderson

Today went very smoothly. Maggie breezed through her morning appointments and got a room by 11:45pm. She has learned to ‘work’ the MD Anderson system. She made it through a full day without losing a meal due to her level of pain killer. Tomorrow early AM, she’ll go for the first round of chemo…this is the one where they run a tube up her thigh to her liver. From what we can tell, treatment will probably go through Friday, and may be even into Saturday. Maggie’s pain level has been significant, but if she lies still, doesn’t lie on her side or take a deep breath it is tolerable. Then there are those pesky nurses and doctors who wanted to practice with a stethoscope, so repeatedly asked her to take a deep breath. In trying to comply, her pain level spiked. So no more deep breathing exercises this week. She asked for a pain consult, but that person has not yet shown up. The results of the morning sampling were that her liver functions were normal, EKG was very good, and all other standard vitals were very normal.

Some friends dropped by through the evening to chat with Maggie. She holds court wherever she goes.

The MD Anderson building is a real maze. In order to get from Maggie’s room on the 12th floor to the café and parking lot on the 3rd floor, I rode down the elevator ‘E’, had to get off at the 2nd floor, walk down the corridor around about 10 corners to the next elevator ‘C’, go up to the 3rd floor and then onto the café and later in the afternoon out to the parking garage. Why, do you wonder, did I have to do all of that? Because, sometime in the early afternoon, workmen blocked off the corridor just outside the 3rd floor ‘E’ elevators that would have been the typical route to walk to these destinations. So, there were hundreds of people all afternoon taking these alternate routes. It meant lots of extra walking, so I really got my exercise today.

I’ll send another update tomorrow.

All our Love…. Mary and Maggie

5 thoughts on “Day One of Round Two @ MDAnderson

  1. Thanks for hosting another great party, can’t wait for next years. All of our prayers are with you this, and every, week.

  2. Thanks for the update, Mary! My prayers this week are asking for compassion and an uplifting bedside manner from the MDA staff and peace and calmn for you and Maggie.

    Much love to you both along with lots of happy thoughts. Prayers are continual ….

  3. Thanks for the update. Thinking of both of you often and sending positive vibes and continued prayers. Love always. Meme

  4. Wow…things are so much better! I’m so thrilled about the drop in your pain, Maggie! And hearing that your liver is doing it’s job and the rest of you is too…is so exciting. =o)

    I just finished my last day (yesterday) being Carrie’s student. The semester went by incredibly fast and that’s a good thing in my book (as far as school is concerned). I’ll be applying to Collin College’s RN program next month and God willing…start the 2 yr program next fall.

    But have no fear! Shawna will be riiiiight here. I’m in too deep to head back to the shore. =o)

    Maggie, I want to be like you when I grow up. (I swear I’m not kissing up to get an A in the class…even though the grade hasn’t been turned in yet.)

    Love you guys!

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